Sharon Feanny, wife and mother of 3 is a multi-passionate, award winning Caribbean Entrepreneur that has created 2 of Jamaica’s most noted brands: Starfish Oils and Shakti Mind Body Fitness.  Sharon’s newest creation, her LIVE FIT DETOX Program is a fusion of her 30 years in the field of health and wellness and is already inspiring thousands of people across the world to revolutionize their health!  Her 7/21 day personally guided Detox Programs, combining her signature Live Fit Yoga with a 3 Phase, results-oriented program of Elimination, Integration, Acceleration and Motivation is already a buzz word in Jamaica.  Her Yoga Classes, Detox programs and High Vitality Cooking Workshops are offered from the beautiful Wharf House in Montego Bay or online, via PowHow so that everyone can partake. Her mantra is her life, her work, her passion and how she serves others everyday:  Live Fit, Live Life and most importantly, Live LOVE!

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Shakti Home is owned by a loving family: Nicky and Sharon Feanny and their three kids, Toby Elias and Noa. This is our home where we go to be together, to feel the sand between our toes and give thanks for life and all its blessings. We know you will enjoy it too. Tread lightly on the earth, come to know the real Jamaica, take care of the sea, go for long walks, relax, rejuvenate and come alive. Let Shakti Home nourish your soul.